Ash-Tree Press

Details of modern MRJ titles in and out of print.

Folk Horror

My own site dedicated to an important and overlooked genre.

Eugene Jaworski's Illustrations

Site featuring scenes drawn from James's tales.

A Ghost Story For Christmas

Unique and long-needed site, dedicated to the legendary seasonal ghost stories of the 1970s.

A Ghost Story For Christmas at Wikipedia

With rich cast & crew details.


Unrivaled Internet discussion list.

Ghosts & Scholars

The foremost source of MRJ information on the Internet. Includes bibliographies, annotations, essays, a news letter and texts of MRJ's unfinished stories.

Internet Movie Database

MR James in TV and Film.

MR James at

All the expected reprints, DVDs and occasional goodies.

MR James at Eldritch Dark

The Weird Works of MR James, a 1934 essay by Clark Ashton Smith.

MR James at Fantastic Fiction

Good online biography.

MR James at Literary Gothic

Online texts and MRJ links.

The Ghost Stories of MR James

Fine site with online texts.

A Podcast to the Curious

Excellent and entertaining discussions of each MRJ tale.

Transport in the ghost stories of MR James

Unique online essay.

A Warning to the Curious

Atmospheric homage to the excellent story & TV adaptation.